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Lash Bomb Lash Lift

"Loving the Lash Bomb Lash Lift. Such fantastic results! My pale, short lashes look amazing. Very happy with the results."
Emma, July 2018

A Lash Bomb Lash Lift is perfect for special occasions and events, holidays, or just because... They are ideal if eyelash extensions don't suit you or you don't want to worry about wearing mascara, but you still want your eyes to pop!

Your natural lashes are lifted from the root, giving the illusion of a longer length and really opening up your eye area. With an added colour boost, you'll wake up every morning looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Lash Bomb is made in the UK and is hand checked at every stage of the manufacture process, so that you can be assured you are getting a high quality product.

Say goodbye to panda eyes!

To get the best out of your treatment, please read the below instructions carefully and follow them as strictly as possible to ensure your own health and safety.

Please do not arrive to your appointment wearing mascara. Doing so eats into your treatment time and potentially creates a barrier between the lash and the product applied, which means we may not get the result we were all hoping for - and that makes us very sad!
Avoid touching your lashes - yes they look pretty, but for the first 24 hours look but don't touch.

Don't wear waterproof mascara after having lash extensions or a lash lift. Firstly, you won't need it, but secondly, removing it may lessen the look of the treatment you have had.

Avoid hot, steamy environments for 24 hours afterwards - that also means taking care opening the oven door! You also want to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. 

After 3-4 weeks you may start to notice a few lashes looking a little messy. This is not damage from the Lash Lift, but new growth coming through. Give them a good brush with your disposable mascara wand to keep them tamed. 


Lash Lift with Colour Boost

This treatment lifts your natural lashes from the root, whilst adding length and definition using different solutions. This gives the illusion of longer lashes, and a colour boost adds extra definition. All without the need for extensions or mascara! 

Please read the Lashes Pre and Post Care before your Lash Bomb Lash Lift.

60 minutes £45.00

It is perfect for those who don't want to or can't wear eye makeup, and those with light, straight or downward pointing lashes. 

All Lash Lift treatments MUST be patch tested a minimum of 48 hours prior or we will not proceed with treatment for your own safety. 

Please remove all mascara from your lashes before your appointment.

If you wear contact lenses please wear glasses on the day if possible.

These treatments are not suitable for the following and may need a GP note in order to go ahead: contagious skin or eye conditions, claustrophobia, cancer, recent eye surgery/scar tissue, and bruising or abrasions to the area.

Please call the salon and read our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Lash Bomb Lash Lifts cannot be carried out at all during pregnancy. 

Lash Lift with Colour Boost

Patch Test

All Lash Lift treatments MUST be patch tested a minimum of 48 hours prior or we will not proceed with treatment for your own safety.

Please call the salon and read our Lashes Pre and Post Care for further information. Don't forget our Terms and Conditions too!

15 minutes £0.00




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