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About this website

We are very lucky here at The Retreat Health and Beauty Salon. Our clients are genuinely invested in our future, which is how we managed to make this website happen! We kept it in the family, and were fortunate to have the help of some truly talented clients. Please read all about them below!

Indie Presence

Indie has known Sherry for a number of years; her husband is Sherry's partner's son! So when she decided to start Indie Presence, The Retreat Health and Beauty Salon was a perfect client! 
Indie Presence helps small to medium sized local businesses with their online presence, through website building, design, content and copywriting. 
She has an English Literature degree and 1st Class Master's from Queen's Univeristy Belfast, and moved back to England last year. She had been working a 9-5 office job in Bristol, until Indie Presence was dreamt up over a few gins with her father-in-law and Sherry! 

Merridan has been an enthusiastic hobbyist with her camera for a good 7 years! She started taking pictures of live bands local to Yeovil, and has since branched out into weddings. She loves capturing those natural moments and their raw emotions. Merridan has been coming to The Retreat for nearly 2 years now, and absolutely loves the atmosphere, the people and the beautiful building. So of course when Sherry needed someone to take photographs that truly showed all The Retreat had to offer, her mind went straight to Merridan!


Sarah started coming to The Retreat a long time ago, when it was based in Cannons gym! Sherry kindly sponsored her when she took part in her very first beauty pageant. As she got more modelling work and began to model full time, she went to The Retreat for more and more treatments! Now that she is 35, Sarah can be more selective about her modelling jobs and was delighted when Sherry asked her to be the face of The Retreat. She wanted to make the photos as natural as possible, to give clients an idea of what happens during each treatment. A lot of beauty salons use heavily photoshopped or stock images so you can't actually see their own work. Sarah was really pleased to be involved and help to show people the high quality of the treatments at The Retreat. 



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