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Cavitation Peeling

Cavitation Peeling is a modern method of painless deep cleansing which works to achieve glowing, clear skin. Harmless ultrasonic waves remove impurities and dead skin cells, resulting in a range of benefits in addition to cleansing such as helping to remove skin discolouration, increasing collagen production and accelarating microcirculation.   

Your treatment will include the use of ampules and an algae mask to suit your skin type and increase the benefits your cavitation peeling brings.

Please be aware, this treatment is not available and/or we may need a GP note if you suffer from any of the following: braces, bridgework, excessive metal fillings, cancer, metal implants in the body (eg heart pacemaker), acute inflammation, a history of blood clots/DVT, epilepsy and pregnancy.

Please call the salon and our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Cavitation Peeling



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